Welcome to Citationator.com! If you have received a traffic citation recently, or just want to learn more about your legal rights as a licensed motorist, then you're in the right place! Citationator.com exists to help you beat the system, fight injustice, and stay sane in the face of terrible odds! (We also have a very nice recipe for potato kugel...)

Forget all those cheap websites created by former police officers and traffic court prosecutors—they're all mostly nonsense. Those authors have never actually presented a defense; they only know what tricks and tactics beat them over the years! Because of this, a good portion of the information you find in those individuals' books and on their websites is anecdotal, misleading, and inaccurate. You will get convicted using their advice.

Some good ticket-beating sites do exist, but most seem to fall into a particular niche rather than presenting all available tactics and points-of-view. Also, many of them are just sprawling cacophonies of curse-filled rants, with little regard for grammar, punctuation, or clarity of thought. While some of these sites do manage to present some good information, wading through all the excess verbiage and swearing makes culling the necessary facts next to impossible.

What I present to you here is a compendium of all the valid information I have found to help you beat traffic citations, in California and the rest of the country. This stockpile of intelligence represents many hours of research and (unfortunately for me) practical experience.

At times, this website will be very critical of cops and courts, but I do not wish to assert that all police officers, prosecutors, and judges are corrupt, bad people. I truly believe that most individuals who choose those professions do so out of a keen sense of duty and with the admirable goal of making their community safe.

Our great system of Justice considers your right to defend yourself a fundamental tenet of the process, and I'd much rather receive a bad traffic ticket here in the United States than be arrested in Iran, Mayanmar, or China! Portions of our legal system need serious reform, but the good people who uphold the current laws should be respected and thanked for making this country safe and free.

I lay blame for our current situation on the legislators who passed all the laws by which your state's Kangaroo Courts operate; the minorty of bad law enforcement officers who will flaunt their power and lie through their teeth to justify their continued employment; the majority of DMV offices that allow so many unqualified people to have a driver's license; and that small percentage of truly terrible motorists whose dangerous driving has impacted the rest of us so horribly.

While philosophers do say that life is not fair, that doesn't mean we can't fight the injustice we may encounter! If you have a pending traffic case, I hope that this site will help you to win it. I also hope this site will encourage you to demand tangible traffic court reform from your lawmakers. And if you can also spread the word about this website and the facts it presents, then we're well on our way to better traffic laws and fewer citations!


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