Before I continue, I must state the prerequisite disclaimers:

      (1) I am not a lawyer, court clerk, police officer, former police officer, district attorney, prosecutor, advocate, magistrate, pro-tem, justice of the peace, or retired judge. My legal background consists solely of personal experience and individual research done online and at the library.

      (2) I do not guarantee your case being dismissed; I only provide the tools for you to have the best possible defense without hiring an attorney. (Avoid any website or book claiming to guarantee your winning a case in traffic court—the author is just after your money.)

      (3) While I maintain that the information presented to you on is correct to the best of my knowledge, no one associated with takes responsibility for the consequences of your using anything from this website in the course of any legal proceedings, or for the accuracy of any statistics quoted herein.

      (4) You should consult competent legal counsel, qualified to practice law in your state of residence and/or state of traffic violation, before any trial or legal proceeding. This web site, while providing a lot of good information, is no substitute for a state bar-certified attorney. No one associated with is responsible for any legal actions you or another may take based on any information or advice this website presents or advocates.

      (5) No matter how strong your argument, no matter how errant the charge, and no matter how much precedent supports the dismissal of your case, if you find yourself in front of a Judge who doesn't want you to win, you're going to lose. Period. If a Judge believes that you're "arguing above your station" or trying to "play lawyer," he/she may just give you a bemused smile and completely ignore every valid point and objection you make. The information and tactics presented on will have no effect on such a Judge, and no one associated with this site is responsible for you not receiving a fair hearing (although we do sympathize with your predicament). While you do have the right to appeal a Judge's decisions and ruling, that's little solace, especially since such an appeal can be expensive. Sometimes all you can do is report the offending Judge, Magistrate, or Pro Tem to his/her superiors or to the appropriate judicial oversight commission...

OK, now that you realize with despair that I have no formal legal training or magical powers, we can move on to this site's terms of use...

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